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Custom Parking Hang Tags
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Cars spend an average of over 90% of their time parked – so introduce organization and efficiency to your parking.

Customizing parking hang tags for maximum impact

Parking Hang Tags
Hang tags aren't right for everyone, but they're unbeatable for ease of administration and use.
If you are looking to order a set of parking permits, there is a good possibility that you're thinking of ordering hang tags. Due to their high level of visibility and customizability,hang tags are a popular choice, but certain steps need to be taken during the customization process to ensure that the buyer's new parking permits are as effective as possible.

First, it's important to consider the size of your hang tag. Most vendors offer smaller hang tags that don't extend too far below the rearview mirror, which are great if you only have a small amount of information to put on it, like a number. Horizontal hang tags can serve a similar purpose, but obviously extend further in the horizontal direction. Every vendor also sells a 5" x 3" hang tag, which is what you probably think of as standard. They store a good amount of information and are quite visible to any enforcement agent. Even larger sizes are also often available for those who want bigger print or logos.

If your parking ramp has particularly bad lighting, reflective or fluorescent hang tags may be a good option for you. With reflective hang tags, your parking lot attendant will have an easier time reading permits in the darkness. Fluorescent hang tags serve a similar permit. The colors are powerfully vibrant, which is especially useful if the numbering doesn't matter – if the parking attendant only needs to look for a fluorescent hang tag, the process is greatly simplified.

Using different colors for your hang tags can work to your advantage. Oftentimes, companies will enforce a monthly parking system. For this reason, monthly parking passes were created, which have a different color for each month, making the parking attendant's job easier. Color differentiation helps the parking attendant on longer-term permits, too. When customizing your hang tag, be sure to choose colors for the background and text that contrast well with one another for clear readability.

Most vendors will also have a number of materials available for your hang tags. Polyethylene has come to be the standard for hang tags, but polyester and acrylic combinations are also quite popular. All of these materials are extremely durable and will work well for your hang tag purposes.

Hang tags are an effective way to make sure that everyone is permitted to park in your lot. With all of the different varieties of hang tags available, there's a custom hang tag out there for anyone who needs one.
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