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Get a disabled parking permit

The process of obtaining a Disabled parking permits varies slightly by state. Generally, the process is as follows: first, one must print the disabled permit form from their state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) website. Applicants can fill out Part I of the form which is just your information. Then take Part II of the form to a state-certified physician or podiatrist in order to demonstrate your eligibility. Eligibility usually means permanent and sufficient mobility impairment. However, states may also specify certain conditions that automatically make one eligible—according to New York’s Department of Transportation (DOT), one could meet the eligibility requirements if they demonstrate the following medical conditions:

    Disabled Parking Stickers
    Disabled parking permitss are for disabled persons only. Able bodied drivers caught fraudulently using a permit can face steep fines depending on the state.
  1. Having limited or no use of one or both legs
  2. Exhibiting a neuro-muscular dysfunction which severely limits mobility
  3. Demonstrating a physical or mental disability that sufficiently hinders mobility
  4. Legally blind.

Keep in mind that you do not have to be a driver or registered vehicle-owner to obtain a permit—so even if someone else is driving—they are permitted to park in disabled parking spots. Not to mention that even disabled children are eligible. Once you’ve demonstrated proof of disability, you must then prove state residency via a copy of your license or other identification and then submit the form to the local municipal court. Check to see if your state charges a fee for the permit as well, however, fees usually pertain to temporary permits.

Once you receive your permit in the mail, you will notice an expiration date printed on the permit. Renewal is possible six weeks prior to expiration. Once you’ve received your parking permit, you are officially allowed to park in disabled parking spots across the country. The parking permit is a blue hangtag that displays the symbol of disabled persons and should be hanged on the inside of your review mirror. Furthermore, the permit is only valid in the vehicle used by the person the permit was issued to (so you cannot lend your permit to an able-bodied driver). States often revoke permit privileges if there is any evidence of a person abusing the privilege.

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