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Cars spend an average of over 90% of their time parked – so introduce organization and efficiency to your parking.

About Parking Violation Stickers

Parking violation stickers facilitate parking enforcement officials in punishing parking violators. These stickers are typically applied to violators’ cars on the front windshield right below the windshield wiper (however they can be placed anywhere). Stickers can be utilized to issue a warning, a ticket, or both. Such stickers usually state something like “Warning, This Vehicle Is Parked Illegally In A Disabled Spot” or “Violation, This Vehicle Is Parked Illegally In A No-Parking Zone” and might specify fine or tow information. These stickers are an invaluable tool in any good parking management operation, whether public or private.
Violation Stickers
Violation stickers are an integral part of parking enforcement.

Not all stickers are born equal however: stickers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and adhesives. Sticker sizes can come in 4” x 6” or 6” x 3” or 8” x 5”. Ideally, the bigger the better—that way violators will be less likely to miss the sticker and will be sure to heed the warning or message. Concerning shapes—stickers can come in rectangles or squares. As for colors, you name it: green, yellow, orange, red, white etc. It’s a good idea to color code your stickers depending on the notice (i.e. yellow for warnings and red for tickets). Opting for the right adhesive is crucial since some adhesives are stronger than others. In fact, some adhesives are so strong that they require a great deal of effort to remove.

These removal-resistant stickers are ideal for tickets or for repeat offenders (so enforcement can keep monitor offenders) so maybe offenders will think twice lest they have to struggle removing a sticker. Other stickers, however, have less adhesive and might be better for simple notices and warnings or for first-time violators. These might be preferable in some communities that have been outraged against the hard-to-remove stickers. Stickers even exhibit varying levels of fluorescence that allow enforcement officials and violators to easily spot the stickers in the nighttime.

A key aspect of these stickers is that are small and lightweight; thus are easily portable. Hence, parking violation stickers are a key companion to any parking enforcement official.
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